Big Travels. Little Home.

"Reno isn't just a casino city that you'd pass over on a map. Reno is it's own adventure."

blue_rI like to think of myself as someone who has seen a lot, considering my age. In my twenty one years of life, I have traveled to such colorful and different places. I had a beer in London while stuffing myself with fish and chips. I have eaten a crepe while enjoying the view from the Eiffel Tower. I have stumbled into a quaint shop in Rome, where no one spoke a word of English, but was able to interact and enjoy myself as though I spoke their native language. And, I love it. Every moment of travel brings a new adventure, a new memory. But, through all of my adventures, one thing is certain… I always miss Reno. I was born and raised in Reno. I have lived my entire life here, and though at the angst-filled age of 13 I threatened to leave and never come back, once you’ve been away… you always come back. Reno isn’t just a casino city that you’d pass over on a map. Reno is it’s own adventure. Reno has provided me every opportunity to succeed. I have seen the beauty of the sun rising over the hot air balloons during dawn patrol. I’ve experienced the sheer insanity and fun of the pub crawls. I have just as much of an adventure here, than I have had in any of my other places of travel. Reno is different than any of those places. Reno is home.

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