Biggest Little Concentration of Everything

Being locally born and grown in the biggest little city, I have gone through many seasons of thought concerning Reno, Nevada. If you ask any Reno, native college kid what they think of Reno you’re likely to get one of two answers. They will either say they don’t like Reno and are anxious to leave, or they’ll say they love Reno and can’t picture living anywhere else. Through my years here I have seen this city through both perspectives; I have disliked Reno for a time and loved it for the next.
So what would I say to someone wondering what Reno is all about? I would say that Reno is a reflection. What do I mean by that? Reno has a little of everything to offer; whether it be hot, cold, outdoor, indoor, local, mainstream, or somewhere in between Reno has something to offer. Reno offers every opportunity for any kind of personality. Looking at the Reno skyline throughout different phases of life, I have seen a city that is too small, a city that is too large, and a city that is just the right size. Looking at the Reno skyline I have focused on the casino lights, and at other times the mountains behind them. Looking at the Reno skyline I have thought about the memories I love, and the memories that I’d rather forget. Now, after having grown up here, after having moved away and come back, after having been married here, and after having watched people come and go, when I look at the Reno skyline I see a reflection of myself more than anything else.
Reno is the biggest little concentration of everything, and what you do when you get here is up to you.

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