Freedom and Friendship

We first met online in the summer of 2011. One August afternoon, we decided to meet in person and enjoy some cold refreshing frozen yogurt. Jay had never been to the place and didn’t know what to expect. Deaon made a modest pile of yogurt and toppings, while Jay went all in and added everything. To Deaon’s surprise, Jay finished the whole cup. After a lengthy chat about each other, the university, and a shared an enjoyment of web development, we decided to continue the chat on a walk around Rancho San Rafael near the university.
We started the New Year hanging out at Jay’s office. Jay would work long nights and Deaon would occasionally stop by with food, like a dozen tacos or a big cup of soup – offering any help he could. We enjoyed hanging out while eating and chatting. Our relationship became Facebook official in May of 2012. During the year, we kept finding more and more common interests and began creating some web projects together, taking landscape photos, and cooking for friends. By the end of 2012, we had both redesigned our lives to spend as much time together as we could and we registered for Domestic Partnership in Nevada in 2013.
In August 2013 we had the best wedding ceremony and reception we could imagine. The early evening ceremony started with the wedding party riding around Reno in a Hummer limousine and taking pictures while dressed to impress. The wedding party and both of our families enjoyed dinner on a lake in South Reno then we invited a close friend to officiate us as we exchanged vows and rings. Having an affinity for technology, we built our own wedding photo booth with funny costumes. Our wedding meant so much to us and publicly displayed our commitment to form a family.
The friendships we have both made in Reno over the past 16+ years would make it difficult to ever move. We will always keep our roots here and find ways to keep empowering this community.

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