Big Dreams From the Biggest Little City.

I am an international student from South Korea. 

It was a really serious choice when I decided to go abroad to study. 

Generally, many big cities such as San Francisco, LA, New York, Boston, Seattle, and so forth are well-known in Korea as the best cities to study and experience American culture and life. 

However, Reno is an entirely unknown city in Korea. 

It is true that I was hesitated to come to Reno because the related search of Reno showed desert and casino only, but I was strongly sure that I could find the real Western American style in Reno.

My expectation hit the target. Reno is the best place for both studying and living. 

First of all, I started to take the Intensive English Language course at the University of Nevada and there were not many Korean students, so I could get better to speak English soon. Then, I could start to enjoy the high quality education at the UNR. UNR is really well-developed college compared to many other universities in Korea.

Second, Reno has beautiful environment such as Lake Tahoe, and the life in Reno is so relaxed. Not like any other cities which are famous in Korea, I can enjoy the slowness and relaxed life pattern because of the city’s mood. The beautiful Lake Tahoe also shows wonderful scenery. 

In sum, sometimes I regret what I chose to do, but I will never regret that I have been to Reno. Moreover, I will for sure come to Reno again in the future even if I have to leave Reno. 
Thank you Reno.

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