Big Talent. Little Community.

"The more you accept a new place with new opportunities, the more easily it will fall into place."

j_balesI am a management student and senior at the University of Nevada, Reno. Growing up in the Santa Cruz Mountains, I am used to forests, orchards, horses, and my small community of mountain kids and extended family friends I have met along the way. From San Luis Obispo to Switzerland, I have made friends and met so many wonderful people along the way. Some I had to pursue a bit, others were drawn to me like a magnet. I certainly can’t refuse efforts of those ambitious few for long, as love is infectious. And how I adore those few. But concerning Reno, I must admit, the only reason I transplanted myself from San Francisco State University to this city is so that I could be with my then recently deployed fiancé. The move has not been easy, I yearn for my liberal highly dense cities of diversity and perspectives; the uniform train of thought here is extremely challenging for me to accept. The weather is harsh, winter dominates brutally for 3/4ths of the year, and the summer is parching. One cannot drive a convertible year round, and well, if you can’t tell by now, I am without a doubt, a California girl. The one light at the end of the tunnel I can see working for me here is simply put: Business. The lack of human talent in Northern Nevada has created an ideal reality where business professionals, engineers, scientists, geographers, and more can truly benefit from the demand for an improved pipeline of workers with credentials. In turn, to attract and retain such human talent in demand, the area may prove to pay even more than other areas with more residents and competition (i.e., Silicon Valley, Sacramento).
The nightlife is excellent, with movie theatres, pub crawls, Tahoe events, and plenty of bar specials. My favorite part of Reno includes: volunteering at the Nevada Humane Society, Harley rides to Tahoe, the short drive to the Sierraville Hot Springs, Saturday Boogie Nights at South Lake, and wine tasting at Total Wine + More. I have appreciated connecting more with nature, the peace of the desert, and being away from all the bustling of the SF Bay Area.
My greatest challenge has been attempting to immerse myself in the Nevada culture, to change my norms, daily activities, and become more introverted. It’s very hard to fit in a little community where everyone grew up together and knows the local families. It takes patience! But it seems to paying off the more I stay here and let my old high-energy life slip into hibernation. The more you accept a new place with new opportunities, the more easily it will fall into place. Just letting your life fall into a new and different community has been very difficult with no friends or family here, but it is possible. I hope to find these friends and begin great memories in life.

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