Big Firsts. Little Moments.

"The Little City has been good to me"


I was born and raised in Tahoe. Not the bedazzled, be-starbucked Tahoe of now. But Tahoe of the ‘70s when the closest McDonalds was a 25 minute drive around the other side of the Lake.

But just over the mountain. The Biggest Little City. She was my first. My first city, my first multiplex (what do you mean they play more than one movie one time a day??), my first flash of bright lights. I treasured every other week visits over the hill to shop, to feed ducks, to anxiously watch for and wave at The Waver, to leave Circus Circus with trash bags full of stuffed animals won by my brother.

The Little City has been good to me. She was there for me when I decided to stay close and attend the University of Nevada, Reno. She was there when I turned 21 and passed out at Pepp’s Fireside Lounge. She was there when I decided I was going to be young and urban and live and work downtown. She was there for me when I realized I was neither young nor urban, got a dog, a grown-up job, and moved in to a house. I tried to move away once. I lasted 6 months. She welcomed me back.

I intend to repay my city. By telling everyone who will listen about her beautiful neighborhoods, each with their own story and personality. About a booming foodie and craft bar movement with some of the best chefs and mixologists I’ve had the pleasure to experience. About her vibrant arts community, thriving nightlife, 300 days of sun a year, trails in to the mountains, the river that runs through her, and about the incredibly talented people who have chosen to call her home.

My city and I have lived a big life. I intend to share it, to be of service and to help change her perception one little moment at a time.

-Julia Jeffers

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