My Second Hometown.

I want to introduce my second hometown, Reno.

I have only been a Japanese Resident in Reno for 10 months. I was born and raised in Japan, and I came here to study abroad in June 2013.

People often ask me in wonder, “Why Reno?” and “Do you like living in Reno?” I could not answer yes to the question at first, for I did not find anything attractive about the small city Reno.

Looking back upon my 10-month life in Reno, I realized all of my memories in Reno consist of its beautiful blue sky and gentle smile of people. 

I am now minoring in Photography at the University of Nevada, Reno. I often walk around to photograph in Reno, which always makes me happy because of people’s kindness as well as a clear sky. When people pass in front of me while holding a camera, they always give me a friendly smile and say excuse me to take care of me. Some people even stop walking so they do not disturb my photographing. It never happened in Japan. This is my favorite moment where I could feel the warmth of people in Reno. 

Also, I belong to the International club at the university, and currently sometimes join in cultural events by Latino, African, or Persia people. Attending these events gives me another favorite moment where I feel excited that varieties of culture coexist peacefully in this small city, Reno.

Additionally, I have enjoyed different events held in Reno these last 10 months, including the Great Reno Balloon Race in Rancho San Rafael Park and music recitals and exhibitions at the university. Downtown always provides people with a lot of entertainments; also, the university keeps offering great opportunities to get various experiences. I am surprised to see many people from all over Reno every time I go to these events. I am proud that Reno has many places where people can get together. Each of these places gives me a beautiful moment where I can feel the energy of people in Reno and a strong bond of the Reno community. 

I said I could not answer yes to the question: “Do you like living in Reno?” However, now I have a completely different answer for that. 

I want to say, “I love living in Reno. Reno is a small city, but that is why Reno is attractive and filled with a warm atmosphere that makes people feel relieved. I am happy to be a member of the Reno community.”

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