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"Reno is my home and wanted to share it"

mark digestiPeople ask, how can you leave Santa Monica to move to Reno???? How can Jenny (my wife) and yourself leave an amazing company with a TON of potential for growth? Were you nervous to go to Reno with out jobs during the economy downfall? Easy answers, FAMILY, Reno is my home and wanted to share it with Jenny, and finally, we had such a belief in our product with PerformancEDU Training Facility business model……we just new it was going to be our next story to tell in our marriage.

PerformancEDU Training Facility was created in January of 2010, with the goal of merging Performance and Education in the Reno/Tahoe area. The primary goal of PerformancEDU is to continue to provide its clients and athletes with the most effective training in the Reno/Tahoe area. All of our programs emphasize a movement-based training methodology, which are periodized to prepare our clients and athletes for sport and life.

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