Rescued by Reno

I was visiting my brother in Reno when Hurricane Sandy struck and destroyed my house on the East Coast (October 2012). Less than a year previous (Nov. 2011) my husband of 48 yrs. had been suddenly killed. I was now both widowed and homeless. 
Never before having even considered living in Reno, (I had the stereotyped view of Reno=casino), I fell in love with it during the course of my visit (the mountains, the Truckee, the weather, the concerts, the accessible museum, the friendly-smiling people, the reasonable cost of living, the outdoor hikes, the dog-friendly ambiance, and the ease and comfort of daily life here- shopping, driving, the safety, etc. (There’s even simulcast of the Met. opera!) 
After spending a month at my brother’s, I rented an apartment for myself on Idlewild Drive. Now a year and a half later I’m looking to buy my own house and spend the rest of my life here. 
I tell my East Coast friends that Reno is the best-kept secret in the U.S. but I’m ambivalent about sharing this secret too widely – wouldn’t like to see Reno become another crowded city. For me it’s been a rescue from trauma and grief. Thank you, RENO!

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