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"My little story starts in small house in Reno’s old southwest"

Paul Klein works as a Creative Director for the City of Reno who’s part of a team dedicated to celebrating the stories of the Biggest Little City.

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My little story starts in small house in Reno’s old southwest. While my mother spent the work hours as a cop with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, my sister and I endured the austerity of Little Flower Catholic School. Growing up in Reno conjures fond memories of the Junior Ski Program, Pop Warner Football, and Bertha the Elephant. After thirty years of life experiences, from Reed High School to the University of Nevada to worldly travels, my story continues right where it started…in a small house in Reno’s old southwest. I work as a creative director with the City of Reno and my wife Lesley is an accountant with IGT. We are blessed with a baby boy, whose story begins in the same Reno neighborhood his father’s did.

We all have special moments we cherish, treasures we keep safe in the aft of our minds. For me it’s the sound of snow crunching under my boots, the canopy of red and orange leaves every autumn, and the happiness of a dog that discovered mud. These are just few of the twinkles that remind me of the brilliance of life and their home is in the Biggest Little City.

Infused with passion and pride, a community working together can push a city forward. In February 2013, a group of residents came together to create an exhibition of pride for Reno. Our conversations were focused on ways to illustrate Reno authentically. The overall sentiment being that Reno doesn’t need to be sold with a marketing spin. Its greatest is backed by truths, by little stories like yours and mine.

So, what’s your little story?

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