The Biggest Little City was a light beam on the horizon on my way home from Chamberlain South Dakota . It was 1972 and I was breaking in my new Super Beatle as I headed to Carmel for the State Amateur golf champioships at Pebble Beach …   The lights of a few casinos lit the way for me as I headed West and The ” RENO ARCH ”  guided me to the Sands where I spent the night . It wasn’t like the Great Plains or anything but low key .  I felt the energy of the past mingling in with the present as I parked along the Truckee River and took a walk .  Little did I see that would indicate this beautiful little town in the 21st Century that would draw me back across the Sierra’s over 30 years later but I sensed an underlying energy that has exploded to the surface in 2014 .  I’m home now !  A retired golfer if there is such a thing …  And i see the great change that is the center in Northern Nevada  –  Movies at the RSCVA and a vibrancy with the younger generation who are eager to live , go to school and work at a career that will keep them here.

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