Big Future. Little Doubt.

First established as the Washoe County Fair and Recreation Board in 1959, the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority has long been a witness to the ongoing evolution of the “Biggest Little City.” As a county agency, the RSCVA promotes the region of Reno Tahoe USA to encourage visitors to experience what locals know as a phenomenally friendly, active and enjoyable destination. 

For Reno Tahoe USA, the entire region is a bit of a family affair, where each major destination within Washoe County represents new adventures and experiences. Glorious North Lake Tahoe is known as the “Jewel of the Sierra,” and has little-sister qualities which one can attribute to its pristine nature, sparkling waters, and an overwhelming sense of truth and beauty which we all strive to achieve and maintain. The City of Sparks may be looked at as the middle child of this happy family. It’s not quite as large, but its contributions to the community are as important as any other, with fantastic special events, wonderful hiking and shopping locales, and an inherently gratuitous likability. And then there’s big-brother Reno, a city that isn’t boisterous about its accomplishments, but one that continues working to be better while embracing change and making certain the family name is represented with class and honor.

Reno Tahoe USA has seen gold and silver miners making their way out west to find their fortunes. It’s a place that modernized a gaming industry which now spans the entire country, and a region that still embraces its roots in the old west as it continues a transformation that mixes new technology, embraces new residents and visitors, and provides big city entertainment and dining while maintaining a small-town feel reminiscent of a time when people actually cared about their neighbors. From lifelong residents to incoming transplants, and from redeveloped river walks to repurposed body shops, Reno is changing. And that’s one of the reasons Reno Tahoe USA is so proud to represent the city and region, spreading the word about all the natural beauty, great hotels and restaurants, and also about the great people one can meet in a short visit to this great destination.

Reno, Sparks and North Lake Tahoe are a family, and the core of its success is the people, the individuals, who devote their lives to industries and causes that have made us change and grow together. It is those people who will continue to improve the experience of visitors and locals as we head into the future, and there is no doubt that, as a family, we will all continue to make each other a little better every day.

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