Big Joy. Little Moments.

“Mommy, can we see my horse?”
This is the question posed by my three-year old daughter from her seat in the car as we make our way to school and work each morning.
This request has dictated that our morning commute must certainly go by the Nevada Museum of Art and the Wilbur D. May Sculpture Plaza which features a horse cast in bronze made to appear like drift wood. My daughter developed an affinity for this piece last summer after we had spent a morning at the Nevada Discovery Museum. On our way home, we passed the Nevada Museum of Art and spotted one of our fabulous local food-trucks, Burger Me, parked outside. We decided to stop for a burger and fries, and the chance to share a lunch outside on a beautiful summer day. We sat next to the horse. We talked about the horse. And then we talked about her love of animals and farms; and then about her cousin, who also loves horses. We talked about our morning and celebrated that she’d made it higher than she ever had before on the Discovery’s Cloud Climber. We talked about French fries and that she prefers the “yellow ones,” not the “orange” sweet potato ones, I’d tried to encourage. We talked about her new little brother, who peacefully slept beside us in his stroller. In short, we enjoyed an unexpected little moment that she still recalls to this day with great joy.
And that’s when it struck me. I’ve been considering for a while what my big little story could be. I’m not a native Nevadan, but my pride in Reno and my feelings for it run deep, and I struggled to capture it so concisely when there’s just so much to say. Inspired by my daughter’s usual request on our very ordinary drive to school and work, I realized that my biggest little story is that I love that Reno gives me and my family opportunities for big joy in everyday little moments. That moment wasn’t planned – we just happened upon it. Kind of like how you happen to bump into someone you know at the grocery store or out on a Saturday night, and have a wonderful little encounter that brightens your day (which those in Reno know, can happen more often than one might expect – even if you weren’t born and raised here!). Reno welcomes you and allows you to become a part of it. It’s the people and the places that this community offers for so many wonderful chance opportunities to experience adventure, beauty, art and human connection – all without really even trying.
I love that she still talks about that beautiful afternoon at the museum. I love that she is already developing fond memories of our times together in this wonderfully big and little city we get to call home. And I love that it’s a request I can easily honor and give us both a joyful start to our day.

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