BusinessCards_Kelly_Edit_OUT-1THE MISSION

Reno Rebirth is a group of residents that joined together for the purpose of creating a campaign that gets people talking about Reno in a positive way. There are over 40 volunteers donating their time to create a branded platform for contributors to design, film, write, blog, etc., about the great things Reno is and offers.

Their Mission:

To create conversation and interest in Reno through showcasing who we are, what we do and why you would want to live/work here. The mission isn’t tourism — it’s more of an internal and external perception campaign.


Mission Statement:

The Biggest Little City movement is a nonprofit, grassroots community pride project. Our mission is to cultivate and share positive stories of northern Nevada residents, provide tools to businesses who wish to show their city pride, and to serve as an unbiased bridge between regional public and governmental organizations and the community.