Big Family. Little Fear.

"Don’t let our wide open spaces, adventure calling mountains and evolving business community fool you"

brandi_andersonMy husband and I are both native Nevadan’s, born at the same hospital in Reno. We were both raised in simple, hard-working families. Our parents were teachers, University staff and electricians that helped to build our energy grid at NV Energy. Growing up we both enjoyed the unique blessings of our region’s four seasons through athletics, camping, youth activities and simply spending time with our families.
Before we met, we both had made the decision that Reno was too small town for us, it didn’t have enough to offer and we both chose to move to different parts of the country. It didn’t take long for either of us, like boomerangs, we were both drawn back in to the clear blue skies, river running through the heart of our community, familiar faces, beautiful University and the place that we call home.
My husband Joe is a fire fighter for the City of Reno and he works with many people who love this community as much as we do. They have become our friends and extended family and they do the work that protects and cares for our neighbors that need help. I am the marketing director Prospect Education, the corporate office for post-secondary private colleges. We recruit many high level executives to live and work for us in the region. I have made it my mission to be the ambassador for visiting candidates to convince them that Reno is where they want to be.
We are raising two amazing boys that I hope will proudly say they are Native Nevadan’s but more importantly, Reno Natives. My husband and I realize that it is really up to us as parents to show them and let them experience the brilliance that this cherished community and our natural resources offer us.
Reno is a community that will never let you down. Don’t let our wide open spaces, adventure calling mountains and evolving business community fool you, if you are in need, this community will hear about it and answer the call. We experienced this first hand when our son was diagnosed with his cancer. Everyone we knew, people that knew them and countless people we didn’t know rallied around our family taking care of countless details so we could focus on our family and our son’s health. We will never forget how this community lifted us up and we will never stop trying to pay that forward.
Reno is full of adventure seekers, neighbors, passionate business people, philanthropists, athletes and most importantly, people who adore the life that our Biggest Little City has to offer. You can be as big or little as you like in Reno. Just be sure to take in the unique treasures our region has to share!

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