Little Ballpark. Big Move.

"There are so many awesome things happening in Reno right now"

brett_mcginnisMy wife Sara and I were living down in the Bay Area. We had both grown up in the area, and had both graduated from the University of Nevada. While we were down there, I was working for the San Francisco Giants, she was working for a technology media company. We lived there until 2007, when I got hired to be a part of Reno’s new Triple-A baseball team, the Aces. As soon as we had the opportunity to move back to Reno, we didn’t even hesitate.

We had both started fun and rewarding careers, but coming back to Reno offered more than that—the opportunity to buy an affordable house, raise kids, and enjoy our surroundings. Far too much of our San Francisco experience was spent in traffic, or trying to figure out if we could afford both the restaurant AND a place to park our car once we got there.

For me, the move also meant being a part of creating a new company and a new summer tradition for friends and neighbors in the city where I was born. Friends would ask me, “Why would you leave a Major League Baseball team to go work in the Minors?” I’d tell them if they couldn’t already understand it, I wouldn’t be able to explain it to them. There are so many awesome things happening in Reno right now, and I’m so thankful and excited to be here to be a part of it.

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