A Happy Transplant

"Reno offers 4 true seasons"

gerryMy parents were married in Lovelock in 1941. One of my older brothers was born in Winnemucca, and the other in Lovelock. I was born in Pennsylvania in 1946, because my parents were going through some rough times, and Mom wanted to give birth to me where her family lived. Fast forward 12 years, with many trips across the country with a few stops along the way, and I settled with Mom in Reno in an historic trailer Park, Chism’s, on W. 2nd St. That was in 1958, and except for a short stay in Winnemucca, I’ve lived in Reno ever since. I have come to appreciate what a great place Reno is to live in. I graduated from Reno High and the University of Nevada. I worked in local government for 30 years, retiring in 2001. Reno is home because this is where I married, gave birth to my first child, buried a husband at much too young an age, remarried, had another child, and then divorced and raised them by myself. It wasn’t always easy, but I lived in a town where there were many opportunities. In addition to a great university, a minor-league baseball stadium, a philharmonic orchestra, world-class art museum, a chockfull events season, and seemingly endless possibilities for entertainment, Reno offers 4 true seasons, with none of the wild swings in the weather experienced by other parts of the country. I am proud to say I’m from Reno, and would love to see it presented in a more positive light. I have great memories of growing up in Reno as well. And, I’m not alone. I belong to a group on Facebook that’s called: “You lived in Reno in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s if you remember…”. We are now up to 2,700 members who love to reminisce daily about growing up here. Many of us still live here, but many members have relocated elsewhere but still have fond memories of Reno. I’m enjoying growing old here as well and watching my children and grandchildren build their own memories. This is my story, and I’m sticking to it!

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