Big Chances. Little Hesitation.

"Reno created a highly successful environment for their company"

angottiMy parents originally met in San Diego, California but when my dad received a baseball scholarship from the University of Nevada, Reno he accepted and my mom followed. Eventually my grandparents saw the opportunity Reno provided to their business. Just as they had thought Reno created a highly successful environment for their company and they rose to the top. My family definitely saw the big things Reno could provide them with and took the chances with little hesitation.

I was born in San Diego but have lived in Reno most of my life. The Biggest Little City has provided me with a small town upbringing and morals with tons of big city opportunity. Reno gives you everything a big city like San Diego can, with the added bonus of getting any where in town within about 15 minutes.

The Biggest Little City is just that, a city full of big time chances with a small town community feel.

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