What Happens in Vegas Falls in Love With Reno

"I've found my home. I love you, Reno!"

morelandHaving been born and raised in Las Vegas, I learned a bit about Nevada history and geography in elementary school, but I never really gave Reno much (or any) thought until my younger brother moved up here for college in ’02. In 2005, I found my own reason to move to Reno and I am so glad I did! I love Reno for everything it is (and a few things it isn’t); Reno has great museums and cultural events, a gorgeous river running through town, beautiful views, a wonderfully tight-knit community, and it has the casinos and famed “24-hour lifestyle” that Las Vegas has without the insufferable heat and traffic. Plus we’re just a short drive from Lake Tahoe, which is easily the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I’ve always been proud to be from Nevada, but living in Reno has intensified that feeling for me. Since I’ve come to Reno, I’ve found some of the best friends I have ever had, met the love of my life, discovered my passion for helping youth in transition, and found a place to practice that passion at Nevada Youth Empowerment Project. Most importantly, though, I’ve found my home. I love you, Reno!

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