Big Orchestra. Little Time.

"Reno has so many people that want to help"

black_rThe first game most of us played was peek-a-boo, or something similar. Our parents had us completely riveted during that short moment of time between the peek, and the boo. As my mind developed, I learned that we had invented machines that let us play peek-a-boo with our TVs. I had discovered video games.

Many years passed. I learned how to play guitar. I played in bands in the Northwest Reno area where the velvet is blue and nothing seems to happen for months at a time. We enjoy our lives and families and all day, the kids play video games. They play games from the moment they get home from school, maybe do their homework, then continue playing video games. That was me! It was awesome. I even managed to graduate high school. A short time after high school graduation I found myself with a completed Bachelor’s degree from UNR. Sweet. I had broken up with my girlfriend, and I had just attended my grandmother’s funeral (events whose circumstances were both revealed to me on the same day!). I needed SOMETHING TO DO.

Start a music group? Yes. Play video game music? Yes.

Oh the music! The bleeps and bloops of the arcade, to the sweeping cinematic carnival of modern games. The music brought musicians in from all over the Truckee River Valley and the Carson Valley. It was one gig after another playing Mario and Zelda, Pokemon and Katamari. It grew into an orchestra, then it grew into a rocking jazz band, and then it grew into a 24 convention of video game music and art. I get to sit and talk to experts in the field of orchestration and video game remixing and we get to be part of each other’s lives in a way that I didn’t previously know I had the capacity to enjoy. Reno is a place where the audiences are just sitting in the seats, waiting for you to come play for them. Reno has so many people that want to help, and can do incredible work to bring all our goals together.

Thank you Reno, this is awesome.

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