A Start to Somewhere

"I love how Reno is very involved in helping others."

marcumHello ๐Ÿ™‚ My name is Kimberly, I am 18 and am currently living in Reno NV and find it very much helpful to me. All in all Reno has a lot of opportunities and is very resourceful!( Compared to areas I’ve been. ) I am working on school and finding what career I would like to have. Here in Reno they have a lot of schools & training to help you better your skills, so you can achieve your dream. They have a good bus network, which is awesome for people like me who can’t drive just yet. I love how there are many places to volunteer at & places to donate. I love how Reno is very involved in helping others. My favorite thing about Reno, is NYEP. I firmly believe that if there are more places like these, a lot more young women like me, who had nothing… can achieve almost anything!

My Reno story is awfully short, but only because…My story has just begun..

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