The Biggest Little Things in Life

orange_rFrom the concrete of the 1st street plaza, Reno’s Battle Born Derby Demons skate proudly in the heart of downtown sandwiched between the pristine Truckee River and the old-Vegas glitz of the CalNeva. The arch welcomes teams from all over the west, who are enticed and covet our mix of big city meets a little countryside. As a non-profit organization, we seek to aid other non-profits through volunteer efforts or monetary donations that will directly impact the community around us. We seek to make the women and men of Reno stand up and rally the cry “Battle Born!” as skates and bodies hitting the plaza floor become the anthem of the city. Five bouts per year, over $4,000 in costs to set up the rink and play one bout, for one hour, once per month. Fundraising and volunteer efforts occur 12 months out of the year for the thrill of representing our city as unique, strong, hearty, and proud during those five precious hours on the track. This city has shown us its grit, its moxie, it’s never-say-die, push-it-to-the-limit energy, and the pulsating of ideas as talents that are drawn magnetically together to form many little cultures operating as one-Reno. The Battle Born Derby Demons seek to emulate this, to radiate pride for a city that is in a constant state of finding itself. I grew immensely stronger in mind, heart, and body playing roller derby. I grew further as a proud member representing a city that values the biggest little things in life- delighting in our distinctive, and many, idiosyncrasies.

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