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"Reno's Given me everything I need"


My story in Reno began in 2002 when I signed my National Letter of Intent to join the University of Nevada’s softball team. Prior to my recruiting trip, I had no clue where Reno was located… It’s by Vegas, right? I took a chance and made a giant leap, which landed me in Reno, Nevada to represent the Wolf Pack.

I am a born and raised southern California girl. I am from a town called Chino Hills, and I most recently moved back to Reno from Newport Beach. I earned my Bachelor’s in Speech Communication and Marketing from UNR and finished my career as a ball player in 2008. I moved back to California to help with my family’s small business…and I missed Reno. I decided to take another chance and move back to Reno 2011 and join the MBA program at UNR. Like most people who decide to enter graduate school, I simply wanted to challenge myself further, learn about something I have a passion for, and create a better opportunity for myself. I didn’t really have a plan past school, I just knew that Reno was where I wanted to be. Now, here I am.

Initially, I thought Reno was brown, dry and strange. I kept my heart open in hopes to eventually feel comfortable in this new town. After my sophomore year at UNR- I stopped going back home to southern California for the summer, and my visits were eventually dwindled to only Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations.

Reno is home to me now. I have shot my first gun, rode my first horse, learned how to fish, attended my first rodeo, endured heartbreak, found God, made lifelong friends, ran my first race, received an incredible education…the list goes on. But, most importantly, this town had shown me what community and support means. Lake Tahoe is incredible, we have amazing restaurants, don’t even get me started on the small business eco-system—but, it’s the people that brought me back and it’s because of the people why I have stayed.

This town has been so receptive to all of my hopes and dreams; it has offered me everything I could ask for. The support and inspiration in this town is like no other. Around here, our lives revolved around family, friends, outdoor recreation, gorgeous scenery, good food, great drinks and LOVE.

I am now working for a family-owned business in Reno, and I love what I do. I am on the verge of finishing my Masters degree and I have no intentions of going anywhere. I want this town to shine, and I want this town to grow. This is a wonderful place to live and I want to tell everybody about it.



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