What We Are VS. What We Are NOT.

Reno is a great city… that goes without saying to all that have called this place home. I think that we tend to lump everything (outside of Vegas) into our circle of influence. Within a beautiful drive you can find yourself in several different utopias of visual and physical enjoyment. We have cities and areas within a 1 hour distance that prove it. Lake Tahoe, Genoa, Virginia City. Winding mountain roads to long valley stretches of highway, desert to lush green, snow covered landscape to endless desert terrain all holding individual beauty. As far as combating the newest development of trying improve our face to the outside public, we would do better work if we focus on what we are, instead of what we are not. When we try and combat negative press, we only bring more attention to those bad qualities as if we have something to be ashamed of. Telling the public that we are not what a television program depicts only displays that we ARE those things but we don’t like it. Let’s move on from this. Reno 911 is not going to cause our city to fall… anyone who visits here will quickly know what’s real and what’s made up. We have so many positive attributes to show. Let’s focus on those and show the public that nay-sayers do not shake our determination nor this great city we live in.

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