Big Culture Little Neighborhood

A booming arts scene. 

That’s not the first thing that comes to mind when people hear about Reno. But on our little stages and in our little coffee shops – we noticed something- we are a city of big talent. 

So in 2008, volunteers from Living Stones and the Midtown district came together hoping to celebrate the distinct culture of Midtown. By matching different artists with local businesses, a grassroots effort was born to showcase our city’s big creativity in our little area of town. What started as a block party is now a highly-anticipated annual event. Each year we invite everyone to explore everything Midtown, a place where commerce and community collide, made up of unique restaurants, custom jewelers among many others. 

Every artist and merchant has their own story of finding home in the Biggest Little City. Some musicians were born and raised here. Others only began experimenting with their talent after coming to Reno. Newer merchants feel as if they’ve struck gold opening their doors in the middle of the city. While others have persevered through down seasons and stay because they know Reno’s proven viability. 

As part of the continued revitalization of the city, more businesses open their doors, allowing the Art Walk to grow bigger than we ever imagined. Now, hundreds of people fill the neighborhood sidewalks for one night during Reno’s Artown Festival in July. Artists get exposure and participants discover and enjoy local businesses few realized Midtown had to offer. On experiencing new places, many participants return later becoming regular supporters of Midtown.

That’s why we exist.

The Midtown Art Walk is 100% driven by volunteers who are passionate about helping our city flourish. Through community-building events like this, we see our little neighborhood getting some big recognition. It’s a win-win.

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