Swimming For Solace

My dad swam around Lake Tahoe twice for charity, once in ’90 for the American Cancer Society, and again the next year for Save the Rainforest. When I was 18, after a car crash had left him in irreversible chronic pain, my dad took his own life. It was at that time that that our family attorney told us about the Solace Tree, a local nonprofit that provides free grief support to children, teens, and family coping with a loss. Ever since, I’d thought for years about how I can help them.
So last year, after graduating from UNR, I swam around Tahoe in my father’s memory, raising awareness and money with all proceeds going to benefit the Solace Tree. I swam around the lake in 16 days, and raised $4K.
This year, I have created my own nonprofit organization that aims to raise money and awareness for similar organizations. This year, in addition to the Solace Tree, I am swimming for Living Works and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I will be swimming again from July 19th to July 26th, and it’s my goal to rally as many businesses and individuals to the cause as possible.

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