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"Reno knows what was best for you even when you don’t"

Scott is the Owner of Reno Envy


I got accepted and that’s why I came, 2 years max at UNR and then I was out, heading back to California to finish my degree anywhere else but in Reno.

That was 25 years ago and now my family, my business and my life revolve around Reno. Don’t think I didn’t fight it. I lived in Seattle, San Diego and studied abroad in Italy.  I spent over a decade on the road in Northern California selling products to skate, snow and surf shops.  I had a house on the coast; minutes from some of the best waves in the world…but no matter where I was or what I was doing Reno kept tugging at me.

Reno’s like some mystical black hole whose gravitational force, instead of sucking you into the abyss, pulls you back to center, guides you to where you belong, it’s as if Reno knows what was best for you even when you don’t.

I started Reno eNVy in 2005 and how lucky am I that on a daily basis I get to celebrate this great city and share that pride with a community that has embraced our Biggest Little brand.  Reno has always looked out for me, always taken great care of me and the very least I can do is try my hardest to return the favor.

What’s your little story…?



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