Ashley Hennefer’s Little Story

“Harnessing the power of open data and power tools” What I love about Reno is the abundance of open space where history has already left … Read the rest


Brett Scolari’s Little Story

HI, I am a local attorney, born and raised in Reno. I love what you all are doing. I am the treasurer of Reno Continental … Read the rest


Bret Simmons’ Little Story

I moved to Reno in 2006 to work for the College of Business at The University of Nevada. I love living and working in Reno … Read the rest


Sandy Hirsch’s Little Story

Art comes in many forms and the business of selling is no different . Reno’s majestic masterpiece proudly invites you into its RCWilley home and … Read the rest


Will Hull’s Little Story

My name is Will. I live in Reno with my wife and two young children. I push pixels around until they look pretty. I’m a … Read the rest


Mat Ochowski’s Little Story

I was born in Tahoe but I grew up in the Reno area and have always been a small town guy at heart but Reno … Read the rest


Marc Digesti Little Story

People ask, how can you leave Santa Monica to move to Reno???? How can Jenny (my wife) and yourself leave an amazing company with a … Read the rest


Kristin Stith’s Little Story

My story in Reno began in 2002 when I signed my National Letter of Intent to join the University of Nevada’s softball team. Prior to … Read the rest


Grant Korgan’s Little Story

Grant is an avid snowmobiler, skier, world-class kayaker, adventurer, nanomechanics professional and husband. In 2010, while snowmobiling in the Sierra backcountry, Grant fractured his L1 vertebrae, … Read the rest