Big Smile. Little Worries.

"I have witnessed all the great things Reno has to offer"

topsyI have been in Reno for a long time, and I mean a long time! Circus Circus opened in 1978 just to give you an idea! In 1988 I faced a terrible wind storm and won. The wind was so strong; the City of Reno was forced to shut down certain streets, including South Virginia in front of the casino. Parts of me were flying off! Thankfully no one was injured, neither was I for that matter. Topsy: 1. Wind: 0. I have witnessed all the great things Reno has to offer. I have seen gentle air balloons float above the city. I have seen classic cars every year during Hot August Nights. Every year the cars are different and every year it’s great! I have seen countless events packed with visitors, food and great music. Now I can watch Aces baseball games right from where I’m standing. I have even seen their fireworks. I stand watch over this great city, always twirling my lollipop. (To date, I have rotated this lollipop a total of 1,419,120,000 times!) Is Reno the greatest city ever? It is the only city I’ve ever known and the only place I’d call home, that’s why I have the biggest little smile, 14-feet across to be exact!

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